20 Top Inspirational Islamic Quotes from Fajr and Noor Book

It's amazing how a few words arranged in a particular way can simply give us ease during times of hardship, give us light during times of darkness, give us guidance when we are lost. Below are some of the best inspirational Islamic quotes about Islam and about life. They from the book: Fajr and Noor by s.hukr.

  1. “The quality of blessing is in Shukr (gratitude). The more you are grateful, the more your blessings increase.”
  2. “If a Man can’t lead you in Salah (prayer), how can he lead you in Life?”
  3. “If he/she can’t maintain a relationship with Allah, how can he/she maintain a relationship with you?”
  4. “Regret eats you up, a punishment from yourself. Forgive yourself before you ruin yourself.”
  5. “Treat your parents with kindness and love, your children will watch and learn and treat you the same.”
  6. “Don’t worry about going left or right, up or down, just keep walking, keep trying your best. At the end of each day, ask for Allah’s guidance and keep walking.”
  7. “Women who call men trash forget toxic mothers exist. They are equally as trash”
  8. “The real problem isn’t religion. Rather it is the lack of knowledge or the lack of application of that knowledge that oppresses”
  9. “Worries end when you start your day with Fajr and end your day with Isha”
  10. “I see men and women competing with each other. How foolish have you become; you are not the same. Rather, you are were made to complement each other.”
  11. “Hijab is for the body. Haya is for the soul.”
  12. “If prayers remain unanswered, do we ever reflect that it may be for our own good? Maybe one day you’ll be thankful to Allah for not giving you every single thing that you prayed for.”
  13. “Remind yourself, that if God sent everyone away from you, it is so that you could spend time with Him.”
  14. “There is beauty in every race. Brown, black, white, no matter the hue, in God’s eyes we are all equal. Except those who are righteous, for they are more beloved to God.”
  15. “Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?”
  16. “Haram is still Haram. Even if the whole world is doing it.”
  17. “A sign of a beautiful person is that he always sees the beauty in others.”
  18. “In the modern world. Peace is a luxury many cannot afford.”
  19. “Know that your time is precious. Spend it wisely on yourself, so you can spend eternity in Paradise.”
  20. "The answer to your Dua is never late. It is always on time." 

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