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How to wear the Hijab

What is a Hijab? In Islam, the term 'Hijab' doesn't actually refer to the scarf that many muslim women wear beautifully drape around to cover their...

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Ways to support Palestine, News

Ways to support Palestine

We stand with Palestine and this short lived tread should not be forgotten so easily. Israel and its cruel and cowardly acts must be condemned. Pa...

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Be Kind and Donate, News

Be Kind and Donate

Our plan is to set aside a portion of every sale towards charitable causes each month like the crisis in Yemen. We want to help our ummah and bring...

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AfterPay Available, News

AfterPay Available

Afterpay allows you to make any purchase (up to $1,000) and split it into four payments, each one required two weeks apart. There is absolutely no ...

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